KAOSPILOT Experience Design 2020

BLENDED Edition, Austria: 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 months

Designing experiences to grow people and relationships

The KAOSPILOT, the progressive business, design & leadership school in Denmark, will for the second time, run it's highly acclaimed experience design immersion in Austria. This time, as a premiere in a blended edition, that will provide you with an immersive blend of virtual and analog experiences.

The course will help you design experiences with emotion and purpose that change the way people think, feel and act. You will leave with the modern toolbox for understanding, designing and leading the delivery of transformational experiences.

Kaospilots Experience Design Course

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2 weeks - 2 days - 2 months

A virtual jump start - an analogue deep dive - and a virtual follow up

Virtual jump start on two evenings in September:

  • September, 8th, 5-7:30 p.m. (Zoom)
  • September, 15th, 5-7:30 p.m. (Zoom)

Start the journey together and learn how to connect people online.

Analogue deep dive @ Burg Feistritz:

  • September 21st, 12 p.m. - 23rd, 4:00 p.m.

The wonderful enchanted castle of Burg Feistritz will be a perfect venue to create an immersive experience that will stay with you for a long time.

Virtual follow up two months later:

  • November 19th, 5-7:00 p.m. (Zoom)
To bring the beauty of experiences into the world time is needed. For the concluding end of the experience design training we will meet virtually to share our learnings, our mistakes and commit to journey on.
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This training is aimed to help you create multiple layers of value in every experience you design.

  • Kaospilot Experience Design teaches a toolbox, with simple steps to help you get ahead with unique and decisive experience offerings.
  • You will be able to design and stage powerful and meaningful experiences, emotions and stories – and you will learn how to attach them authentically to marketing, communication, products, services and brands in ways that create unique value for both business and customer.
  • You will learn and train hands-on - together with a group of international professionals and accompanied by one experienced mentor assisting you through the BLENDED journey.
  • You will be using experience design and design thinking to solve, in teams, your real-life wicked challenges and see directly the ultimate benefits.
  • This unique immersive program is an experience of its own led by the KAOSPILOT approach: One can only design meaningful experiences if one knows of the power of true experiences. It is all about self-awareness, a human-centered approach and matching how the same experience can have different facets and effects on different people.

You will leave this training more confident in your ability to lead organizations towards what is truly meaningful!
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  • Meaningful Experience Design – Learn to use the 5E-model to plan and execute experiences in a purposeful way.
  • Purpose Driven Development – Learn to lead design with a guiding purpose, to powerfully engage your team and your clients.
  • Toolbox based on meaning - Understand the 15 core meanings that give value to our lives and to our experiences.
  • Put yourself in your client's shoes - Using elements of surprise and storytelling to power up the experiences you create.
  • Lean Design Approach – Navigate between designing an experience and hands-on creating a prototype to get tangible feedback faster, test your assumptions and make your experiences continually better.
  • Experience yourself first – Being aware of the power of virtual and analogue experiences that are designed with love, time and energy and reflect on the effect you experience yourself.

    If you have any questions about the content of the training, contact the program designer and facilitator - Michael Liehmann: ml@onion-project.com
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This program is for people, who want to gain confidence in leading the experience design process. It is for those who dare to ask the questions that are needed in order to create truly meaningful experiences for your customers, employees and society.

  • You are ready to explore how experience design methods can level up your offerings to customers.
  • You are already in the process of transforming the experiences you offer your customers and/or employees to make them more meaningful, creative and engaging and want a modern methodology to do it better.
  • You work professionally as the Head of Experience, Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Experience Strategy... but you want a new and bold perspective on your work.
  • You are a consultant or change facilitator who wants to develop professionally and harness the power of an experience design approach to creating transformative experiences.
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The Kaospilot Experience Design Immersion stands out as probably the best 3 days of training or professional education that I've ever undertaken.

  • Kate Holzman, Deputy Director of Direct Impact, Echoing Green

I wanted to book this course because I wanted to get some input on a topic I never had really thought about and I don’t use in my daily life. You get a lot of facts about design thinking, but you also have practical parts where you really plan an experience together with your team in teamwork and you learn how to do that step by step. On top you have a lot of moments in which you can reflect on what you learned and also how you feel about these experiences. I really enjoyed the course.
  • Katharina van Zeller, Co-Founder of Dreikreis and participant at KPXD Austria 2019

Learning about the potential of transformational experience design and now applying it to my daily work is helping transform our organization!

  • Daniele, Brand Experience Manager, Volkswagen

The Kaospilot experience design workshop helped our teams gain a different perspective on what it means to design meaningful experiences. What is it that really matters? How does it feel? What does it change? It was both inspirational and motivating.

  • Patrick Schenck, adidas

I came to this course with an idea of how to use culture & experiences as a driver of integration between all the parts and people of the company I am a part of running. I left with a fantastic experience concept, and now I am back in São Paulo making it a reality with my Brazilian team. ...in short: a life changing experience!

  • Luisa Bernardes Martini, Flag CX

The most valuable course I ever joined…

  • Stefan Michels, Head of Customer Dialog at ALDI


Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 7pm to Thursday, Nov. 19th, 7pm

Burg Feistritz, Austria and via Zoom


€ 1.800,- + VAT Early Bird (5 tickets only! first come-first served policy)
UPDATE 29.6.2020: only 1 EarlyBird ticket left!

€ 1.950,- + VAT Normal Bird

*We also offer a limited number of discounts to non-profits and social enterprises. If you are interested reach out to Michael Liehmann: ml@onion-project.com


  • The full online experience
  • The full immersive 2-day training
  • A method booklet + digital landing package with all slides and models presented
  • Curated immersive experiences, all designed to deepen your learning.
  • Joining a global alumni community of other experience designers
  • Tea/coffee, brain food snacks during the training
  • Three lunches, two dinners and two breakfasts

More information:

This immersion will be hosted in the wonderful Burg Feistritz castle. You can see more here:


Burg Feistritz is located only 80 km south of Vienna and is embedded in the rolling hills of Lower Austria. The history of Burg Feistritz dates back to the Middle Ages, when the castle was built as a defensive structure. Massive walls, towers and canons are reminiscent of this time long past. Centuries of development, private restoration and cultural prosperity have transformed Burg Feistritz into the noble and inviting castle of the present day.

The beauty and serenity of the historic scenery and the abundance of comfortable guest rooms form a perfect environment for creative get-togethers, for reflection and for exchange of ideas. Surrounded by romantic landscape gardens, woodlands and ponds, Burg Feistritz is a peaceful and secluded hideaway for groups in search of a special location.


Depending on the actual participant number our accommodation options will be either based in the castle or the manor houses in stone-throwing distance to the castle.

Shared room fee (same sex) - EUR 340,- +VAT

For those who don't mind sharing a room with other course participants in a beautiful modern apartment.

Private room fee - EUR 360,- +VAT

For those who want a little more privacy.


After you have completed the registration form you will receive a booking confirmation. All details regarding travel planning, accommodation, packing list and starting time will be sent out during summer 2020.

Cancellation Policy and Refund Terms - In case of cancellation less than 3 weeks before the course starts, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. Cancellation less than one week before the course starts, will result in a refund of 25% of the registration fee. Cancellation on part of Kaospilot will result in 100% refund of the registration fee. Participants are always entitled to send a substitute.

Covid-19 information:

We know this remains an unpredictable time and understand that some of you may have concerns about the analogue event at Burg Feistritz. Please be assured that we fully adhere to the regulations and guidelines of the Austrian authorities. We will make sure to take care of each other and keeping each other safe by following the current guidelines. And in the hopefully unlikely event of being forced to cancel our physical training at Burg Feistritz (September, 21st and 23rd), we will promptly provide you with an alternative date in spring 2021.

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Andy works with talented producers and experience production teams globally to create the sought after Kaospilot Experience Design learning experience immersions. He is the lead facilitator and program Manager for the Kaospilot Experience Design Profession Course.


Michael originally focused his education on computer science, but soon realized that humans are much more complex, and exciting than machines ever will be. In his work, Michael tries to transform the complexity of people and their working situations through simple and creative approaches in motion. He is often inspired by modern artists and their works, the tension between the digital and the analog world and the wide world of emotions.

This is also the core of the cooperation with the Experience Design group of Kaospilots. The logical and unconditional focus on the emotional aspect in people's experiences and / or gatherings mirrors in a wonderful natural way with the hands-on approach of Michael. Michael collaborates with KaosPilot on organising and hosting their Experience Design Professional Program in Austria.


Felicia supports people within and outside of organizations dealing with changes and accompanies them a bit on their way. She is passionate about creating worthwhile encounters - conversations, meetings, workshops or trainings (just to name a few). Worthwhile in the sense of creative, unique and meaningful.

As a systemic consultant, coach and founder of featuring Consulting, she has been working with distinct groups in different settings and on different contents with the aim of letting the sparks fly. The connecting dot: Directly addressing people with experiences. For that reason, Felicia cannot wait for the KaosPilot Experience Design workshop to be held in Austria, taking part in this experience and enriching her work and encounters through these methods.


To be announced soon.....