Monthly Starcast

Monthly Parent Forecast for March

What's Coming up Next?

  • March 30 - Last day of The Connectivity Hub
  • March 31 - K-5 in-person students return for Half Day
  • April 1 - Last day of 3rd Quarter; Full day for students
  • April 2 - No school for students; Teacher Grade-Prep/PD
  • April 5 - PreK in-person students return for Full Day
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Silver City Families,

March is moving along quickly and we are just days away until the end of the month. As you already know, we will be welcoming back the majority of our students on March 31st. Our teachers have been waiting to meet their students in-person all year and now we will have the chance to do so! If you are unsure what your choice was (in-person or remote) just call the office or check with your child's teacher. If you need to make a change, please do so by March 29th.

For those returning in-person, continue to read:

  • School supplies that were given out this school year should come back with your child so they can use them at school.
  • Textbooks/notebooks or other resources that your child's teacher distributed this year should be returned to be used at school.
  • All devices and chargers should return with your child. Devices and chargers will stay at school daily, including the weekends.
  • The first day of in-person return is a half-day of school. Your child will get out at 2:00 as will be the case every Wednesday until the last day of school.
  • Remember to send your child with a mask. We have extras if your child leaves it at home.
  • Masks should be worn at recess.
  • Since water fountains won't be used, we will have water bottles for your child daily.
  • Remind your child that they should social distance. We will remind them too!
  • Personal desk shields will be used in the classroom and during lunch.
  • Students will have their Specials either in the classroom or outside (weather permitting).
  • S.T.A.R. expectations will be taught and monitored: Self-aware, Truthful, Accountable, Respectful and Responsible - We know that each students is a STAR and sometimes we need reminders to help us keep our STAR status ✨✨✨

We will have supply pick-up for REMOTE ONLY students March 29th-March 30th 8:30-4:30.

To be clear, in-person students will come to school Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. full day and doors will open at 8:40 for in-person students. Wednesdays are now half-days. Half-Day Wednesdays mean your child will be released early at 2:00. March 31st is a half-day.

School hours for everyone are 9:00-4:00 (M, T, Th, and F) and 9:00-2:00 (Wednesdays only).

Lunch Times for In-person Students

In-person students will receive grab-and-go breakfast and lunch at school. The lunch schedules are below:

1st Lunch - 11:35-12:00 - Kindergarten and 3rd Grades; (Hanes in the classroom)

2nd Lunch - 12:05-12:30 1st Grade; (Wheeler in the classroom)

3rd Lunch - 12:35-1:00 2nd and 5th Grades

4th Lunch - 1:05-1:30 4th Grade

PreK (In the classroom) 12:50-1:15

Remote Students Meal Pick-up

If your child will be learning remotely, meals are available!

Call the school to let us know if you would like to schedule meal pick-up. Meal pick-up will be every day at Silver City, Monday-Friday, at 1:00-2:00. You only have to call once to set your schedule. During pick-up times, you will need to park and come to the office for pickup. Masks, social distancing, and temperature checks upon entry will be required. Make your appointment immediately!


If you are interested in before and/or after school care, you can go to the District's website to complete the Kidzone application. Here is the link for the application: KIDZONE APPLICATION

You should complete the online application which will reserve your child’s spot in Kidzone and you must also complete a paper application at the Kidzone site (Emerson Elementary) as well as a transportation form at Silver City.

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Teacher Shout-Outs

At Silver City, we do "Shout-Outs"! Help us by submitting one (two, three, or...) of your own. Our teachers have been Rock Stars ever since the pandemic hit our nation. They have planned lessons, taken time from their own families to prepare and teach, learned a new learning platform, made parent calls daily, prepared supplies for pick-up, and communicated with parents about missing assignments and celebrations. Overall, our teachers have done what it takes to make sure their students are learning and I am proud of them. If you choose to leave a Shout-Out, use this link to do so: Teacher Shout-Outs and I will make sure that the teacher gets your "Shout-Out"!

February Monthly Rock Stars

We are very proud to announce our February group of Silver City Rock Stars! They were nominated by their teachers because they show S.T.A.R. qualities. Here's a shout-out to our February Rock Stars: Lucero Mera-Atonal, I’Yannah Zachary, Aliyah Marquez, Karaleen Williams, Tre’Shaun Kiesling, Kourosh Tawakoli, Jae’Miah Turner, Darwin Maderos, Sahara Mohamad Abdulle, Ahmad Mawari, Brenda Rosales Lopez, Ayvah Alcala, Corey Johnson, Priscilla Alcala, Diqa Abdi, and Angel Santos

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More Multicultural Texts in Our Classrooms

Did you know that Silver City is rich! Yes, we are rich in culture diversity. There are 12 spoken languages and our school population made up of that many or more races, we recognize our worth. We want to learn, acknowledge, and shine positive light on the cultures that are represented in our school.

This year, our teachers are purchasing additional multicultural texts for their classroom libraries. Each teacher received money to buy texts that reflect the students they teach and other cultures around the world. We are working to find books that reflect our students' lives and ones that give our students insight into the lives and experiences of people who aren't like them. We invite you to suggest books as well!

  • "Students in classrooms across the United States are a reflection of the diverse people, perspectives, histories, and values in our society. Yet if we were to take an inventory of classroom texts, curricula, and literacy materials across classrooms settings, we’d find that these instructional materials do not reflect the diversity of our students, let alone the diversity of our society. Multiple studies have shown the power of using multicultural texts to address critical topics in classrooms—not only for students of color but for all students." (Natasha Thornton, Edutopia)

Enough is Enough Virtual Community Forum

Register for the Community Forum Here.

Also, if you have not, please take the Enough is Enough pledge

The next Forum is Thursday, April 15th, 5:30-7:30 pm

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March Book Madness

We have been doing our own March Madness, but with BOOKS! Just like your basketball bracket, our bracket is surprising us too!

This is how every student got involved: Each grade level started with two books to read and to vote on for the first round. The winning book went on to the next round and a new book was added weekly to begin a new round. Students had lots of discussions about why they liked the book and votes were tallied.

The 16 Books that competed in this year MBM competition were:

1. All the Way to the Top: How One Girl's Fight for Americans with Disabilities Changed Everything

2. Bo the Brave

3. Double Bass Blues

4. Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away

5. Hands Up!

6. How to Solve a Problem

7. I am Every Good Thing

8. Lift

9. Pacho Nacho

10. Soaked!

11. The Camping Trip

12. The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read

13. The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver

14. We Are Water Protectors

15.You Matter

16.Your Place in The Universe

We are closing in on our last round this week and the two books that are going to the final round are: Pacho Nacho and The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver. May the BEST book win!

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Axis 360

Your child can choose any book to check out during the school year. We want each of our Shining Stars reading each day!

Mrs. Boles' Book Bin

Cozy up with a good book! These are my March Book Picks:

  • The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi - This picture book is about a girl from Korea who moves to a new country and is made fun of because of her name. She learned a lesson that she will always remember. (Video read-aloud:
  • My Mommy Medicine by Edwidge Danticat - This is a book about a little girl's admiration that she has for her mother, "mommy medicine." (Video read-aloud:

  • Wonder by R. J. Palacio - This is a true story of 5th grader who was born with a facial difference and has to adjust to public school. You will be able to follow his 5th grade journey. This book inspired the Choose Kind movement. (Video of author discussing book:

At Silver City, we value building authentic relationships, strengthening instruction, and nurturing positive students.

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