Bond Fire

Tasha Bundrant and Paige Johnson

Join us!!

Come to our "bond" fire. We're going to learn how to draw bonds and understand they work. It's at the beach this weekend at 8:00 pm. There'll be food and drinks and you can bring stuff for s'mores if you want. It'll be a night full of fun and learning!

How to draw covalent bonds

1) calculate number of valence electrons in molecule

2) draw element connected to a central atom with a single covalent bond

3) subtract electrons used in bonding from total number of valence electrons

4) use remaining electrons to complete octet of outer elements

5) if not enough electrons take an electron pair and make a double/ triple bond

6) if there are extra electrons ass them to the central atom

7) check to be sure all atoms obey octet rule

How to draw ionic bond

1) ions with equal and opposite charges are attracted and form a bond

2) no electrons are shared

3) attracted by charge

4) usually between a metal and non metal

Metallic bonds

The chemical bonding that holds the atoms of two metals together. This bond is formed from the attraction between mobile electrons and fixed, positively charged metallic atoms.
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