The Running Dream

by: Wendelin Van Draanen

The Crash (Editorial) by: Zoe Greenwell

Jessica got in a bus crash with her whole track team. A man was drunk and ran into the bus. The team was coming back from a track meet when they were hit. Lucy was killed by the car and Jessica lost a leg. Jessica's life is running and she can't run without her leg. I think this tragic accident changed Jessica's whole life. If this happened to me I would be very heartbroken.

Jessica (Feature Article) by: Evan Mennen

Jessica is a 16 year old girl who lost her leg in a car crash. She was very heartbroken when the doctor said she would need a below knee amputation. She spent several weeks in the hospital practicing crunching around on one leg. Once she got out of the hospital she spent several weeks at home until her best friend Fiona got her excited about going to school again. The first day back to school for Jessica she got a big surprise party by the track team. Then the track team decided to raise money for a prosthetic running leg. They were going to reach there goal by doing car washes and bake sales. After about 2 months of raising ,only they reached ther goal of $20,000. A week later Fiona and Jessica were heading to work at the movie theater but when Jessica walked in it was empty, but all of a sudden people jump out and yell SURPRISE! After a little bit of partying the track team gave Jessica her check to go get the running leg. She then went to get her running leg and began practicing her running. After mastering that she decided to enter in a race and push her disabled friend in a high tech wheelchair.

By: Evan Mennen

Word Search (Entertainment) by: Zoe Greenwell

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Advice Column by: Zoe Greenwell

Jessica was very positive through all of the struggle of getting a new leg. Jessica dreamed of running again but wasn't sure that her team could get her a new running leg. But she had stayed positive through all of that time. She met new people and got new friends. So that's the advice! Stay positive!

Advertisement by: Zoe Greenwell

The new and improved leg! This leg you can jog in and walk in! You can upgrade now from a pipe leg to a walking leg! Jessica upgraded from hanks pipe leg and got a new leg! She is also in the new update for a track leg! Get yours now! Call 1-800-LEG get 20% off if you order now!! Call in the next 10 minutes.