Polar Bears

By: Audrey Reid

What are Polar Bears and What do They Look Like?

Polar bears are white fluffy bears, that are related to the brown bear. Polar bears are considered to be the giants of the artic. This is true because a large polar bear can be the size of a small 4 door car! Polar bears are important because they keep the seas from over populating . They are truly amazing creatures.

How do Polar Bears Live?

Polar bears are carnivores, this means they eat meat. Their favorite snack is wringed seals. If wringed seals are not available polar bears will eat pretty much any meat they can find. One more interesting fact is that polar bears are the most carnivorous of the bear family. Polar bears live only in the artic. They also live in subgroups. Subgroups are groups of polar bears that live together in the artic. For most of the year polar bears live on sea ice. In fact they do not like living on land for food reasons.