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Norfolk Jr. High School

Douglas Gates

Movie Review

True Lies Movie Trailer

True Lies

Harry Tasker is a government spy. He hides his identity from his wife. He reveals his identity when they get captured and his lady friend is trying to find his identity when they got captured. He takes a long journey to save his daughter and his wife when he broke out of his chamber. He gets his wife and his daughter and live happy.

Pokemon App

My app is about Pokemon. The game is about the Pokemon adventure of a teenage boy who wants to be a Pokemon master, and you have a pokedex to record your pokemon DNA to study. First, you start adventure in your home, and you get a visitor which is Professor Oak. Next, you follow Professor Oak to his lab and you choose a Pokemon from these types Fire, Water, and Grass. If you are playing Fire Red, you can choose these Pokemon characters of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Pokemon is the most fun game ever invented. The Pokemon are waiting for you, so just buy one and try it out, and if you don’t like it, you can return it to Douglas Gates!

To Have a Friend Be a Friend

My Survey

What is your favorite shoe brand?

Nike: 50%

Andes: 30%

Starters: 20%

Sketchers: 0%

History of Cars

The first cars were started in the 1900's. Ransom E. Olds invented the Oldsmobile. Henry Ford invented the Fords. Four hundred twenty-five cars were sold in 1901. Steam powered cars lasted until the 1920's. They produced 2000 car bodies to one or more cars. They were the best car dealers in the world, and they made the bodies of today's car bodies.

This is a Arguement

The argument is about shorten days in the school week and longer time in school. I would agree to this because the students need more education. The students will turn in your homework in the classroom. The students will have longer weekends.