Overview of Holocaust


from 1993 to 1945 dictator Adolf Hitler waged a hostile attack against Jewish citizens. the Jewish were killed with no mercy. many people where against the holocaust while many where with it.

Defintion/Background Information


the theresienstadt or terezin is a ghetto camp that only lasted for 3 and a half years. the camp served three purposes. 1. it served as a concentration camp that deported Jews to killing centers. 2. it held the Jews for labor in the east. 3. it kept the Jews in a holding pen to later be killed.

Original Research Question

this topic is interesting because, it shows how the jews had to overcome this major obstacle in their life. The jews had to change the way they lived their life. the Jews had to live in these disgusting camps. taking the risk of getting sick from all the germs. the Jews are truly a strong race.


holocaust survivar Viktor Frank quote

"when we are unable to change a situation-we are challenged to change our selves."

-Viktor Frank (march 26, 1905)-(September 02 1997)


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