The Respiratory System

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What is The Respiratory system?

Inside your body, oxygen allows all your cells to make energy so they can function properly. The respiratory system allows you body to do that. Every human has 2 lungs in the chest. The ribcage that protects it from outside harm. When you breathe, the oxygen in your lungs transfers to your bloodstream. The oxygen gives your cells energy.

Important Parts of the Respiratory System

1. The most important part of the respiratory system is the lungs. Lungs can make you breathe which is essential for you to live. Breathing is the main function of the respiratory system

2. The Diaphragm helps to move your lungs to let air in and out.

3. The Cilia are little hairs inside your bronchial tubes that help remove harmful things from the lungs.

Keeping your lungs healthy

Respiratory System Game