Satire Box

By: Aubrey Valentich

Definition of Satire

A form of humorous ridicule to criticize people's stupidity, whether it be actions or words.
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Saturday Night Live

SNL is a show based off of satire. It satirizes politics and politicians and many other things including celebrities, new movies and music and popular things in America.
What is Satire?

My Satire

I found a satirical example in a brother, who's basically a zombie. Ever since he's gotten his ps4 he never leaves his room, he's lethargic and he eats everything in his path. One night the PSN wasn't working and he went on a rampage throughout my house, he was ready to rip someone's head off. I decided to peek my head in there and the focus on who he was killing was so real that the only way he would've noticed me is if I were to step right in front of the screen. When he's at school he walks at the slowest pace and at first glance you might think he is the walking dead because of the darkness of the circle's under his eyes. I am living with a zombie.
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