April 7th SA Meeting

Thursday from 4:45-7pm in the WSH Memorial Room

4:45pm-6pm | Meeting &Presentation & Approval of 2015-2016 Infrastructure Fund Projects

6pm-7pm | A Conversation on Restructuring

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The entire campus community is both welcomed and encouraged to attend "Change the SA: A Discussion on Restructuring" beginning at 6pm during the meeting Thursday.

In order to forge a more inclusive, accepting, and truly representative future, WE need YOUR input!

As you may know, the SA approved the proposal to add a "First Generation Liaison At-Large" representative seat, which will be elected in the Fall Semester. In response to this resolution, we have been actively thinking of other changes that could be made to allow for greater inclusion and representation, but need your input to do this. Underrepresented students' voices remain absent due to the systematic exclusion within the current structure.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND but would still like to comment, please fill out this Google Form with any thoughts you may have: http://goo.gl/forms/iyhbY2YuPk

We're all ears!

Have concerns, questions, events, or initiatives you'd like to share with your representatives on the Student Assembly? Broadcast them at our Open Mic session or tell one of your representatives.

Meeting Agenda


I. Call to Order & Roll Call

II. Open Microphone

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes of the March 17 Meeting
  2. Minutes of the March 24 Meeting

IV. TCAT Representative - Potential Service Changes

V. Announcements and Reports

  1. Representative Kaufman - University Assembly
  2. Freshman Representative Russell

VI. New Business

  1. Presentation: SAIFC proposed projects for 2015-2016
  2. Resolution 51: Usage of the ‘15-‘16 Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund

  • VII. Open Forum: Restructuring the Student Assembly

    Dean of Students Kent Hubbell farewell event, Tuesday April 12 from 3-5pm

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    Event Spotlight

    1. April 7, 5:30pm: Design Panel
    2. April 7, 7pm: TAKEOVER: The PoC Zine
    3. April 8, 4:50pm: Dining with Diverse Minds: A Discussion on Mental Health Across Cultures
    4. April 8, 5pm: WE ARE AAP!
    5. April 9, 11am-2:15pm: Towards a More Equal Workplace Summit
    6. April 11, 6pm: Professors are People Too
    7. April 11, 5pm: Community Engagement Showcase
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