The Daly News 12/10/18

Manatee Elementary Staff Newsletter

iReady Notes

  • Be sure to have your students complete the iReady graph your progress page after they finish the assessment. Students started this after the 1st diagnostic.
  • Admin will be coming by your classrooms during the week of December 17th to give positive feedback to students that showed tremendous amounts of growth after the second diagnostic.
  • We will email you the day prior to let you know when we are coming to your room.
  • When we come, we will ask to see a specific student in the hall and to have them bring their "iReady tracking sheet". If the students keep it, then the student can grab it. If you keep these sheets please have them on your desk so we can grab it.
  • We want to praise the students making great progress and not be disruptive to your class.

Green Committee Update

There is a Terracycle contest for granola wrappers and Little Bites wrappers this month. Teachers, please make sure you send your Terrcycle collection bags to the cafeteria by December 14th.

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Important Dates

December 10

  • Holiday Shoppe all week
  • Dr. Mela visiting in the afternoon
  • Carver out all day

December 11

  • Jersey Mikes' Spirit Night (Kindergarten)

December 12

  • Dr. Mullins on campus in the afternoon for a photo opp

December 13

  • Winter Concert at 6:00 pm-Carver on duty

December 14

  • No jeans today, faculty and grade level pictures
  • Faculty meeting 1:40 (don't be late!)
  • Dr. Mullins on campus at 2:00 pm to film a commercial
  • 6th grade field trip to VHS
  • WWOF
  • Early Release at 1:15 pm
  • Retention Log data due for grades 1, 2 & 3

This picture was taken at the 1st grade performance as they threw snowballs at the audience, a moment of pure joy.

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Thank you Jennifer Forester for your work with the Monarch Waystations and bringing this honor to our school!

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