Saudi Arabia

By: Momina and Khadijah

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Main Facts About Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia is located north, east of the equator. Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The population of this country is 26,534,504. The land area is 829,995 km. The sovereign(the king, president) of this country is King Abdullah. Saudi Arabia's government is an Absolute Monarchy.

Climate In Saudi Arabia!

In the Western Coast of Saudi Arabia, the climate is really hot during the day and cold with a slight rainfall during the night. Most provinces in Saudi Arabia plus, the great deserts, the average summer temperature is 45 degrees and usually rises up to 54 degrees. After sunset, the extreme heat turns into cool and pleasant nights.

In Winter, the temperature is between (8-20 degrees C). In Spring and Autumn, the temperature average is 29 degrees C.

Human Characteristics!

In Saudi Arabia, there is a very beautiful thing behind culture and religion!

The percentage of the muslims living in Saudi Arabia is very large but, there are many other citizens who have different religions as well, such as Christians, Hindus and Jews. Muslims all over the world travel to a place called Makkah in Saudi Arabia. Makkah is the most holiest place in the world to muslims. There, they walk around the Kaaba 7 times and pray to god. The Kaaba is known as the house of god to muslims. In Saudi Arabia, there are only 2 holidays; Eid' ul- Fitr and Eid' ul- Adha.

Men wear a cloth called the thawab; Its a long ankle-length shirt. Over that, they wear a full-length cloak. Men also wear a cotton cloth on their head called a ghutra. Women wear a long cloak called an abaya, over their pretty dresses. Women have to wear a scarf at all times in Saudi Arabia! The language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic.

Physical Characteristics!

Saudi Arabia has 4 main natural regions; Sandy deserts, plateaus, coastal plains and huge mountains. 30% of the land is covered by sandy deserts. Rub' al Khali is the largest sand desert in the world. Tihamah 'Asir is a huge coastal plain in the Asir region on an island named Peninsula. It's near the southern west of Saudi Arabia. There are also extreme plateaus in Saudi Arabia. One of them is called Hisma Plateau; It has an elevation of about 4,000 feet! The highest mountain in Saudi Arabia is Jabal Sawda! It's elevation is 2,995 m! Clearly, the agriculture and the physical characteristics in Saudi Arabia are must sees!

Fun Facts!!!!

  • The national flower of S.A are Jasmines!!
  • The national sport of S.A is Football(Soccer)!!
  • Women aren't allowed to drive in S.A!!
  • Emergency dial number is 999!!
  • By law, there is no alcohol allowed in S.A!!

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