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December 18, 2015

What Have You Learned in Kindergarten in 2015?

Mariah, "I've learned that kindergarten is lots of fun. I really like doing math and stuff.

Noah, "I learned about nature and about animals that live on land and in water."

Bradley, "I learned about animals."

Breah, "I liked when we went on the nature hike."

Dexter, "I learned a lot!"

Amy Kate, "I like kindergarten because we've been learning about our neighborhoods and everyone who lives there."

Gunner, "I'm glad I'm in this class because we've studied about nature and we've worked really hard. I like ramps because I've learned that when it's lower (the slope) the speed (of the marble) is slower and when it's higher (the slope) the speed (of the marble) is faster."

Ava, "I liked when we went to the nature center."

Aubrey, "I like when we saw all those birds (The Raptor Center).

Braylon B. "I noticed in ramps you have to use certain blocks to get the marble where you want."

Lilly Grace, "I learned about nature."

Natalee, "I like kindergarten. It's so fun! I learned some math and I didn't know what was 2 +2, but then you teached me. And I'm learning a lot and I'm learning how to read."

Isabella, "I learned that you don't always get what you want. You have to share."

Gunner, "I'm glad to be a Patriot to do helpful things and I'm glad to be in this class because we have good friends."

Braylon, "I like this school because we have good friends and good teachers too."

Ava, "I'm glad to be in this class."

Bradley, "I'm glad to be here because I like to be a Patriot."

The Gingerbread Week

This week we read different versions of The Gingerbread Man including The Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Boy, The Gingerbread Girl, and The Gingerbread Boy goes to School. We made different graphs and charts to compare and contrast the different versions of the story. We even practiced sequencing our story to discuss the beginning, middle, and end. The children wrote their own version of the story. We worked with gingerbread playdough, baked our own gingerbread cookies, and made gingerbread houses using paper geometric shapes. We used our gingerbread man to help us improve our use of positional words (for example, "behind," "next to," "on top of"). Every day the children had to find our gingerbread man hiding in the room. Our question of the day would be about his hiding spot.
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Thank You Gifts

This week the children made gifts for our wonderful staff in the cafeteria and the office as well as the custodians and the nurse. We wanted to say "thank you" for all of their hard work.

Guest Readers

Polar Express Day

On Friday we celebrated our last day of 2015 with a pajama day. We made hot cocoa and pancakes in the morning. Thank you to all the family members who attended our afternoon Polar Express party. And thank you to our room mom, Jennifer Gibbs, for organizing the party. I hope that each family has a peaceful and lovely break! Thank you for sharing your children with me!
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Items Needed for the Classroom

* Empty wrapping paper tubes for ramps and pathways

* Clorox wipes

* Letter stickers

* Ribbon (any length or pattern)

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