Al Jolson- The Jazz Singer

By: Ashley Emanuel

Al Jolson

I think If Al Jolson was alive today I would not be one of his fans in the music part.I don't like musical movies. I think it was nice of Al Jolson to entertain troops while they were over seas. I read that Al Jolson lived a successful life and I think that is great. I really like that he like to entertain troops the were over seas.

Facts about Al Jolson

  • Born May 1886 and Died October 1950
  • Between 1911 and 1928 he had over 80 hit records and 16 international tours
  • At the top of his career he was named The Worlds Greatest Entertainer
  • Today he is best known as the star of "The Jazz Singer"
  • He loved to entertain troops that were over seas.
Information about Al Jolson

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