Immigration to Texas


About the Country

mexico came to Texas in 1831. When the Mexicans came to Texas, they were very poor laborers. About 700 Mexicans settled themselves by the time of the civil war. The Mexicans brought many foods of their culture to Texas. tamales is creamy in texture and bursting with flavor that Mexicans eat to get bursting flavor. Tacos melt in your mouth and a glorious rich tastes. It is easy to cook and fast to make! fajita is a favorite starter before a big feast not so filling and very tasty..! Mexicans also brought many of their holidays. Mexicans celebrate new year and in the language of espanol , new year is nuevo ano. Christmas day over in mexico is a day they celebrate by saying Merry Christmas in the Mexican language.5 de mayo is a day they celebrate because they won a battle.



Czechs celebrate many holidays.