A Summer's Trade

By: Zach and Dean

Spelling Tested on 21st

danger wander tractor dollar harbor eager eraser surrender solar sticker locker helicopter pillar refrigerator caterpillar rumor glimmer linger sensor alligator numerator collector ancestor counselor denominator

Selection Vocab Tested on 21st

fate fearless glimmer lingers magnified somber steed

Greek and Latin Roots

describe (v) inscription(n) manuscript(n) postscript(n) prescription(n) scribble(n) scribe(n) script(n) subscription(n) transcribe(v)


Question of the Week: Why do people make sacrifices?

A Summer's Trade

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Comprehension Skills: Author's Purpose and Monitor and Clarify

Paired Text: Thunderbird and Killer Whale

Genre: Myth


We were working on a jigsaw lesson. We each took notes on the other group presentations. We learned about the movement of the stars, phases of the moon, why we have seasons, causes of day and night.


We learned how to do partial quotients for long division. We are spending this week and next week learning and mastering long division.

October's 5th Grade Top Bananas

The Top Banana award is given to the students for outstanding behavior!
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