DNA Fingerprinting

By: Hailey, Sydnee

What is DNA fingerprinting?

A text to identify and evaluate the genetic information.


Careers that involve DNA fingerprinting is Forensic scientist, reporting officer, and crime scene investigator.

Summary about a news article in DNA fingerprinting

Lamming was charged with sexual assault, and burglary. Semen found on a pillow slip matched to his DNA. Massey says that this is a very new technology cause there are about 4 labs in the country doing it. Lamming s DNA was sent to a life codes corp. A DNA test coasts up to $750. Carla says that experts say less then a dozen states have used this technique in court.
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pros and cons

It is really helpful in criminal trials for convicting guilty people.

it can also help in finding out your genetic trats.

There could be a problem in discrimination.

you could also be convicted wrong because of the personal testing the DNA.

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