10 Years From Now

A Glimpse into the Future


Become the Best at Ping-Pong May 18, 2016

While in undergraduate, I will learn and practice my ping-pong skills. Before my graduation, I hope to become the best, the number 1, in ping-pong at UT Dallas.

Runs a full Marathon without Stopping/Pausing/Walking May 19th 2016

Sometime before I graduate from undergradaute school, I will be working on staying in shape and running. My goal is to be able to run a full marathon without walking or stopping.

Graduates from UT Dallas May 20th, 2016

My goal is to graduate from UT Dallas with a 4.0 GPA and bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering. I plan to graduate in 2 to 3 years by utilizing all the college credits I currently have.

Graduates from UT Southwestern Med School May 15th, 2020

Although the journey will be difficult, my goal is to get into UT Southwestern Med School and graduate with master's degree in medical occupation. I will strive for perfect GPA but I will be content with something less.

Gets a First Job July 1st, 2020

I will start looking for any employment opportunities after I have graduated from medical school. My goal is to go to post-graduate school to work on doctoral degree and earn some money and get some experience at the work field of my knowledge at the same time.

Gets Married May 5th, 2022

Although the exact date is unknown, my goal is to marry at least after I have gotten my master's degree so that marriage does not interfere with my education pursuit. I will marry only if I have good prospects as a job seeker.

MAY 28TH 2023

At Least 5 Things that Could Derail my Goals

  • video games
  • spendthrift lifestyle
  • lack of excercise
  • too much focus on romantic relationship and too little on school work
  • too much focus on school work and too little on social activities

At Least 5 Things That are a Must for my Success

  • Ph. D degree in biomedical engineering
  • Healthy relationships with my family members, especially parents
  • commitment and decication to one thing
  • regular work-out
  • staying socially active with various, diverse people