Conflict is Cool

Talmage Stevenson PD:6/7 (Warning contains Spoiler alerts)

Development of Theme Analysis

In Freak the Mighty, the characters interact with the them to create conflict. Here is an example on page #131, where Freak saves Max from Killer Kane. Here is what the book says: "Sulfuric acid," Freak says, raising up the gun and sighting along the barrel, "good old reliable H2SQ1, an oily, colorless, corrosive liquid used in dyes paints, explosives, and many chemical experiments." Killer Kane says, "you're lying kid, you can't fool me." That's when Freak squeezes the trigger and sprays him right in the eyes (end). As you can see there is a ton of conflict in there. Here's how, 1st Killer Kane kidnaps Maxwell and 2nd Freak come to the rescue and sprays "H2SQ1" (not really) in his eyes. Here is another example on the last sentence of page #154 it says: That's when I notice that some of the nurses are crying and looking at me strange and all a sudden I go nuts. Just go nuts. I'm saying, "No way! No way!" and this nurse is trying to throw a hug on me and I push her away. Then I'm running down the hall and it's like I'm Kicker again, ready to just blast anybody who dares touch me (end). Let's brake this down too. We have just found out that Freak died (which is very depressing), and that caused Max to go berserk and blast through anything in his way. I'd like to conclude by saying that if characters didn't get into trouble there would be no conflict.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I like this theme because it doesn't go along with just this book it can go along with just about any other book. The author did develop this theme well. Why? Well without conflict, Freak would never of died, and Killer Kane would never of kidnapped Max. This theme is relevant to our generation right now because almost everyone is into conflict these days. They have conflict in video games, books, movies, etc. It is also more relevant due to all the problems we have in our own time. Here's how, Terrorism, murders, even a school fight. All of us have conflicts. How? You may ask well he is a few examples from my own life. I sometime get into fights with my brother/friends causing conflict.

Visual Representations of Theme

About the Book

Freak the Mighty, a book by Rodman Philbrick, is about a huge dumb kid named Max, becoming friends with a small, smart kid named Freak (Kevin). The 2 face many problems for example: Freak and Max get attacked by the neighborhood goon, Tony D. Then they ran into 2 dope fiends named Iggy and Loretta who happen to know Max's dad Killer Kane. Speaking of Killer Kane Max gets kidnapped by him. To top it off in the end of of the book Freak tragically dies.

The Final Info

To conclude, conflict makes everything interesting, sad, funny, mad, etc. Thank You! p.s, if you want more information go to: