The Australian Government!

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Who is in Tony Abbots Party?


Tony Abbott
Julise Bishop

Warren Truss

Joe Hockey
John Alexander
Kevin Andrews
Karen Andrews
Bob Balwin
Bruce Billsion
Bronwyn Bishop
Jamie Briggs
Ruseel Broadbrent
Warren Entsch

And Lots More


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How Laws Are Made?

A proposal for a new law or a change to an existing one is called a bill.

A bill can only turn into a law if it is passed by a majority vote in the House of Reps and the Senate. The bill must be agreed to by both Houses, and given approval by the Governor-General. It is then known as an Act of Parliament.

It may take weeks or even months for a bill to go through Parliament. However, an important bill can be approved in a matter of days. About 200 bills are given to Parliament each year and about 90% are passed into law.

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What are the different parties?

Liberal Party - LIB ( Current Party In Power )

Labor Party - ALP

Greens - GRN

Palmer United - PUP

Motoring Enthusiasts - AMEP

Liberal Democratic - LDP

Family First - FFP

Katter's - KAP

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What is a Shadow Minister?

The Shadow Cabinet of Australia is a group of senior Oppostion (to the Party in power) spokesperson who make a different cabinet to the government.

The leader of the opposition is in charge of the shadow cabinet, this is a group of Shadow Minsiters from the opposition that take up this role. Shadow Ministers check on the work of the Minisiters of Parliament and speak about areas they think need improving.

The current Shadow Minister is Bill Shorten, he has held this position since 2013!

Can Senators get fired from their job?

Yes, If a senator is not doing his job, or displaying an unwanted additude he can loose his salary ( income of money ) or can be fired if he is voted out by the majority of the senators!

Although it has never happened before it has almost happened on one occasion where Senator Raymond Lavinge quit his seat days before the vote!

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Why does a party need exactly 76 seats to win Government?

Because it needs a minimum of 76 seats to run governement smoothly, If a party wins the vote but does not have enough members they will join together with the next one, or two more parties to form the Government.

Used the book "How Australian Government Works"

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How long could a debate about a bill go for in the House of Representitives?

I cannot find any imfomation on this topic, I guess that it could go for as long as it needs to for the bill to be denied or become a law, This could possibly go on for days, the politicans could go home and have a rest and come back in the morning ready to disscuss the bill again. But we couldn't find any infomation on this topic so we couldn't get an answer for this question.
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