Beauty of Bahamas

Why You Need To Visit The Bahamas

Animals and Sea Life

“Now, lets start at the edge ocean.”(34) The animal and sea life is so beautiful. You will see so many animals on lands and under water. You will be able to see fish, birds, and even talking ones. Anywhere you go you will see animals following you.

Islands and Weather

Now onto islands and weather. “The Bahamas are a chain of seven hundred islands.” You can explore the “5,757 square feet” (13) of islands. You will see the summer temperature is usually around 80 degrees but will sometimes rise above 90 degrees. Most islands are low and flat.

Flowers and Fins

Last but not least, you will see many flowers and fins. Bahamians love their colorful flowers. Therefore, you should visit the Bahamas for their colored plants. The lignum Vitae is the national tree. It’s as wood and very dry. It is a green and purple plant. Now if you like pokey plants then check out the wooly Cactus. These plants can reach 30 feet tall.
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