Remote Welcoming Rituals

Austin ISD SEL Department

Dear Educators,

In these strange times, one relatively simple strategy we can provide ourselves and our students is a daily greeting activity. We are social beings and connection is vital for our well being. Please use the resources below to find creative ways to ensure students are connected both to you and to each other.

The way that you do it is much less important than doing it as consistently as you can. Try starting with a way that you already are comfortable with (Blend, Class Dojo, Seesaw, etc.) Connection is the goal, now more than ever.

With warmth,

Austin ISD SEL Department

As you plan for Welcoming Rituals remotely consider a few important factors:

  1. What kind of technology access do your students have?
  2. When will you do "live" aka synchronous welcoming rituals (ex. zoom, teams, etc.)?
  3. When will you do welcoming rituals where students respond in their own time (ex. flipgrid, class dojo, padlet, etc.)?
  4. What are the pros and cons for both types of Welcoming Rituals?
  5. When do you want students to do a greeting with only you? When do you want students to do public greetings where they can respond to each other?
Stay Connected!

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Questions to Ask for a Welcoming Ritual

Ways To Do Welcoming Rituals Remotely

Try Posting a Discussion Board in Blend!

Usually done asynchronously (on your own time, not live) FYI: Blend is known as Canvas outside of Austin ISD.

Below is an example of a Welcoming Ritual in Blend.
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Try Seesaw!

This is a great communication tool to use, especially if it's one your students and families are already using.

Below is an example of Ms. Wilson at Jordan Elementary doing a Morning Meeting on Seesaw with her students.
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Try MentiMeter!

Allows you to ask questions and share everyone's answers in a a word cloud, open ended response, multiple choice, etc.

Let's do a MentiMeter together!

Click here to participate or scan the QR code to the right

Participation closes 4.4.2020

Results from our MentiMeter found HERE

Below is an example of a MentiMeter Welcoming Ritual with a Word Cloud.
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Try Flipgrid!

Great video option for students to greet one another. Free for educators and no sign up needed for students!

Let's do a Flipgrid together!

Try out a sample Flipgrid with other educators by clicking HERE or scanning the QR code to the right
Below is an example of a Flipgrid Welcoming Ritual
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Try Padlet!

Simple to use with lots of options. Students can easily read each others answers and respond.

Let's do a Padlet together!

Click HERE to respond to some self-care questions
Try Remind App!

Let's do one together by answering the question in the link. Easy to use with a phone or tablet! Great to continue with if you already use this platform.

Try Class Dojo!

Great one especially if you have it already set up. This has lots of additional features like asking the whole class a question, writing a story others can respond to, etc.

Let's do a Class Dojo together!

Scan the QR code on the right to join my Class Dojo and do a welcoming ritual with us!
Make your own Google Form Welcoming Ritual Check In by clicking HERE

Let's do a Google Form together!

Click HERE to participate!
Try a Two Way Journal in Google Docs

Use them as an interactive journal to stay connected

Let's do a Two Journal in Google Docs together!

Click HERE and make a copy of the google doc. Add me (Aleza Sitarz) to be a collaborator and we can journal with each other!
Try Zoom Virtual Meeting!

These will be live greetings. This link gives you some tips for using Zoom

Go Analog!

  • Call your students!
  • Drive by their neighborhoods and wave from a very safe distance
  • Write your students letters
  • ...

Articles About Welcoming Rituals

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