Basic Functions of Clothing

Jenny Rottler


One reason for wearing clothing is protection. Protective clothes are important for safety. There are many ways clothing can protect you from harm. One way clothes protect you is by keeping you warm by wearing a coat, boots, a hat, and gloves. You can also be protected from the sun and heat. Some clothing also allows you to stay safe in dark environments by having bright colors and being florescent. Firefighters, construction workers, and police officers need protective clothing for safety.

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Clothing and accessories can help to identify important people or people that are members of a group or team. Uniforms provide the instant recognition to people of importance.


Clothing provides modesty. Modesty varies for the occasion you are attending. Some clothing is appropriate for certain places but not for others.

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Clothing and accessories can show a person's status, a position or rank within a group. Things such as crowns and insignias indicate rank. Deans of universities wear colorful scarves or hoods to show status in the school.

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People wear clothing and jewelry to enhance their appearance and attract attention. These decorations express uniqueness and creativity.

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