A Little BIT Scary

by Harry Goldstein

You may think that Mr.Falcon is a little bit scary but...

  • HE likes to watch sports with his friends.
  • He is in a band called the red walls and he is the piano player.
  • He really likes animals , his favorite is a panda.
And he likes to rap in his rapping club.

  • And he likes sports his favorite , one is basketball.

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  • He opens the door for other people.
  • He likes to help out.
  • He likes to watch peoples animals.
  • He like to listen to other peoples jokes.


  • He has 4 brothers and 5 sisters
  • He is the 2 eldest child.
  • His mother and Father play the flute and the guitar.
  • His whole family plays an instrument.


  • He works out every day.
  • He plays football he plays running back.
  • He plays basketball his favorite team is team is the new york knickes and he plays point guard.
  • He plays baseball he plays pitcher and hi favorite team is th boston red sox.

MR.Falcons favorite things.

  • He likes to bake cookies.
  • He likes to play sports.
  • He likes to swim.
  • Helikes to go to the zoo.