Battle of Vicksburg

Vicksburg V. Confederate

Battle Time

Monday, May 18th 1863 at 9pm

Warren County, MS, United States


Monday, May 18, 1863 the Confederate Army and the Union Army are scheduled to fight. The Confederate had 34,000 soldiers while the Union had 75,000 soldiers! The leader of the Union is Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and the leader of the Confederate is Lt. Ge. John C. Pemberton. The Union won the battle and soon after that they had complete control over the Mississippi River and because of that , the Confederate was cut into 2 parts. The states that were cut off from the rest of the states were Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. The total casualties of the Union army is 4,800 but the Confederate had 3,300 casualties and 30,000 captures!