The Salvation Army

Doing the Most Good

Facts about hunger

48.8 million people face the threat of hunger daily in the United States. Plus 14% of house owners have low food security and 49 million people in America struggle to put food on the table. Your overall health is affected by hunger. 1 in 5 people in America face hunger. 65% of the world's hunger is in seven countries.

Long term affects from hunger over time

When a child starves they get poor health and your head and brain shrink. After 3 days your brain will start to break down your own body's proteins. and children who went hungry at least one in their life have a 2 1/2 times more likely to have overall bad health.

If an adult hunger can cause birth defects. children have 2.5 times mire likely to die.

The Salvation Army

The salvation Army's mission is to preach gospel of Jesus christ. and meet human needs in his name without discrimination. And it started because Willidom booth wanted to help others. Plus they are currently feeding others,giving them clothes and to care for them.


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