Singapura Dubclub takeover of Rumshop, Limehouse May 19-21

Tuesday May 19 - Thursday May 20

Lime House introduces: RUM SHOP After Work Lime

Happy Hour meets the easy-breezy Caribbean Rum Shop vibe, EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at Lime House.

For May 19, 20 & 21ONLY SIngapura Dub Club takes over the Rum Shop with our style of Singapura Reggae Vibes. Stay tuned for special guests and prizes announced each day.

RUM SHOP Singapura Dubclub Takeova

Tuesday, May 19th, 5pm

2 Jiak Chuan Road


We are celebrating Jamaican culture, Singapura style with 3 days of activities starting May 19 with Back-a-Yard Tuesday, May 20 with Riddim Wednesday and May 21 Soundclash Thursday.

May 19. BACK-A-YARD Tuesday | Be transported to the islands with a "Jamaican Yard" vibe. Grab your rum and head to the back patio for some Dominos, peruse the in-house record shop or learn share some Jamaican slang with our resident Singapura Dub Club selecta Rumshot of Dub Skank'in Hifi.

May 20. LIVE REGGAE Wednesday | is our Live Music Show. Our after work crowd will mingle with musicians at the Rum Bar for an interactive artist meet and greet. Move to the 2nd floor for live music with Singapore Reggae band "The Irietones" followed by 9-piece Afro Beat outfit "Instigator Afro Beat Orchestra". We will also be joined by artists in town for the Music Matters conference with some surprise jam sessions!

May 21. SOUNDCLASH Thursday | In Jamaica, the Soundclash is the act of 2 DJs competing head to head for the hearts of their adience, judged on charisma, style and who plays the best records. Thursday we will hold our first competition between 2 of Singapore's top selectas competing for the trophy of Singapura Dub Club 1st Soundclash Champion.

Singapura Dub Club

Singapura Dub Club is the Singapore's own Dub, Reggae & Bass community, creating events, workshops and merchandise for Lion City Reggae lovers. Dub Club’s ongoing live music series, has debuted artists for the first time on our island including Tippa Irie (UK), Papa UGee (Japan), Suns of Dub (Jamaica) and Grand daughter of the late great Bob Marley, Donisha Prendergast (JA). Singapura Dub Club aims to bring together a community of Irie people to network, eat and dance, with the motto that “Together, vibes can grow”.