The Magnolia state

How Mississippi Got It's Name

Mississippi has a very unique name. It is a combination of two indian words. One is Mshi meaning big and Ziibi meaning river. This was the original name for the Mississippi river.

Physical Features

Mississippi is Known for its beautiful physical features. One is the Mississippi River. It lies on the west border of Mississippi and stretches over 2,320 miles from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. Another one is Woodall Mountain it's the highest point in Mississippi at 807 feet. It lies in the Appalachian Mountain Range. Last, there is a flatwoods region. It's in the North Central hills range. The soil is also great for orchids.

Interesting Places

Mississippi doesn't have very many interesting places but there are a few. One is the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. It's filled with a bunch of Elvis artifacts and shows how the room was when Elvis was born. It also has a theater and event center. Next, is the mississippi museum of natural science its has a zoo, shows, sometimes even a circus. Last, is the U.S.S. Cairo Museum of war originally built in 1861 for the union navy. It was named after Cairo, Illinois.

National Parks

Mississippi has a few national parks and historic sites. One is the Vicksburg National Military park. This is where the American Civil War battle of Vicksburg took place. It also has a cemetery. Next is the old Mississippi state capitol. It used to be the statehouse. Finally, there is the Gulf island National seashore. Not only do you get to go to the beach but you get to see so many artifacts. It stretches from Florida to Mississippi.

Fun Facts

  • State Flower is a Magnolia

  • State Bird is a Mockingbird

  • State beverage is milk

  • Has the world's largest shrimp

  • State insect honeybee

  • State song is Go Mississippi

  • Has the world's largest cactus plantation, cotton wood tree, and pecan nursery

  • Has the checkers hall of fame

  • Coca-cola was first sold in a bottle

  • Birthplace of the teddy bear

  • State stone is petrified wood

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