Ms. McSorley's News

February 15 - 19

Friendly Reminders & Important Dates

Wednesday, February 17: 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!

Thursday, February 18: Pajama Day

Tuesday, February 23: Family Fitness Night, 6:30

Wednesday, February 24: Character Parade Day, dress as your favorite book character

Thursday, February 25: Class Color Day - Wear Orange!

Friday, February 26: Book order due


This week, we will begin Theme 10: From Mountain to Ocean. Our comprehension strategy will be asking questions to create meaning. We will also review making connections through comparing and contrasting information.

Our spelling words will come from the -ike and -ide families. They are as follows:

  1. bike
  2. hike
  3. side
  4. tide
  5. wide
  6. are
  7. talk
  8. child
  9. right
  10. +1 personal word to be decided as a class on Tuesday morning.

In writer's workshop, we will discuss the importance of word choice. Students will practice using words that show action as well as words that paint a picture for their reader.


This week, we will finish topic 12. We will learn how to fill numbers in on a number line, order numbers, and will use the words before, after, and between to order numbers up to 99.

Science / Engineering

We will finish our study on comparing and contrasting animal and plant life found in lakes and ponds around Minnesota. As a grade level, we will create a double bubble thinking map to show our findings.