Molly's Amazing Poems!!

by : Molly

Deram- Personification Poem

Sun and the Moon are spying on Fire,

Fire is disco dancing through the wood.

Sun and Moon silently listion,

To see whhat was going on down there.

The wind was racing throught the woods,

Then the flames disappeared!

Then Sun and Moon wake up and say,

"Thank goodness that was just a dream."

My Dog- Haiku Poem

I was very sad,

That my dog had to leave me.

He went to heven.

He was a great dog,

I know it wasen't my falt,

But is was his time.

The Race- Alliteration Poem

Rabit Ron Races Roni Rino.

Roni Rino's Really Radical.

Rabit Ron is Ridiculous

The Bace- Coulet Poem

I tripped on a bace,

I fell on my face.

I started screaming,

Then it was bleeding.

It hurt so bad,

I wanted my dad.

First i thought I was going to die,

Then I let out a vert large sigh.

Fred- Limerick Poem

Theres a man named Fred,

He was sitting on a bed.

He fell over,

And started to sarrow, Then, He, was dead!

Hamburger- Imagery Poem

Hamburgers are the most wonderful thin,

They make me want to sing.

The sesame seed buns,

Are so waonderfuly fun.

All the grease,

Running dow my hands.

All the fantastic things you put on it,

The juicy pikles and lettuce.

Bright yellow chees,

And all the other things.

Oh how I love my hamburgers,

The Wonderful, Ginormous, Patty

When it hits your mouth,

You will go bananas because it's so delicous.

The runny kutchup and mustared,

All over the table.

The smell is so amazing,

You will want more.

It's so juicy,

It's all over your clothes.

The crunchy sides of the patty,

Wll make you go berzerk!

The wongerful patty,

"You are" amazing!!

Friday- Similes and Metaphors Poem

When I'm going th the football game,

I'm always looking forward to sotting the game.

whe I get there I look around,

And see the crowd.

When I hang out with my friends,

We always stick together like PB&J!

We have a wonderful time together,

When we're Screeming "GO GO GO!!!"

When I'm snarfing down my nachos,

They are hot jalapenos!

Then darted for a drink,

To cool down my mouth,

When I walk around,

We have a fantastic time.

The the game is over,

And we won!