Parental Involvement Committee

I. Ellis Johnson Elementary

Committee Purpose & Mission

The purpose & mission of the Parental Involvement Committee at IEJ for the 2016-17 school year is to increase the level of parental involvement at IEJ in order that parents/guardians are more aware, involved, & active in the lives of our IEJ Jets. Parents are the key to unlocking the next level of student achievement at IEJ. Partnering & collaborating with our parents/guardians on a consistent & creative basis will open opportunities for our most important clients - our students!

Parental Involvement Committee Members

Aileen Brigman (Committee Chair)

Rebecca Pierce

Johanna Richardson

Carolyn Alford

Rebekah Jansen

Kristal Fields

Kimberly High

Chaka Davis-Smith

Cindy Hunt

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Parent-Teacher Conference Day Feedback

Parent-Teacher Conference Day was October 6th, & we wanted to increase the number of parents who are active in the beginning of the school year. The more information we are able to share with our parents regarding support for their student's academics, the more opportunities that child will have to be successful. The total number of parents/guardians in attendance for students was 196 as compared to 101 in 2015-16.

As we reflect on this event, how will we continue to grow on the momentum of the Parental Involvement Committee & events in 2016-17? What leadership role does this committee need to attain & sustain for future events to ensure that everyone is involved for future events?

Parent Involvement Contributes to Results
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