Crestview Library Update


Book Fair

We took $742.94 of product (99 books) from the fair. The contest winners items totaled $91.85 and teacher/staff discounts equaled $65.29. All of these figures come out of our total profit. Our total cash profit was $1767.05. That is more than last year so that is nice. We used our previous profit(from multiple fairs) to purchase the paperback spinner racks, a rug, small shelf, new small sofa, and a book order. We ordered one more paperback rack and will pay for it using this fair's profits as well as other items needed for the library. Thanks again for all of your cooperation and patience to help make this a great success for our school! Charlie even convinced Mr.Langston to wear the fuzzy monster hat.

Fall Book Order

It is fall book order time. Please go to the Fall Book Order Google Doc and request titles to supplement the learning taking place in your classrooms. Based on the responses that I received this summer, we were able to add many beginner chapter books, high interest series titles, and some Newbery winners or nominees. During our end of the school inventory and analysis of the collection, it was determined that our space titles were in dire need of replacing due to inaccurate information and age of titles. Books about space were ordered as well as math titles and other high interest books.

Learning Spotlight-Kindergarten