Parkwood Hill Band

Director Update

6th Grade Band Upcoming Events

This Week in Band:

Monday- Required After School Rehearsal

Wednesday- EPIC Waters Field Trip

December 9- Beginner Band Rehearsal


All Band 6th Grade Students

Date/ Time: December 9, 3-4pm

Location: Parkwood Hill Cafeteria

Students will be given a grade for attendance.

December 11- EPIC Waters Field Trip Info

Participation Requirements:

Ticket Payment Due Nov 20

Liability Waiver Due Nov 20

Attend Band Rehearsal on Dec 9


Students: $30 Due November 20 (Includes Student Water Park Ticket and Lunch)

Fundraising will cover Entry Fee and Transportation costs.

Chaperones: Discount Ticket and Lunch $23

Ticket payment online at: or check made out to Parkwood Hill Band

What to Wear:

Performance Attire- Jeans, Band Tshirt and Tennis Shoes

Bring Bag with Swim Suit, towel and any necessary personal items


7:30am Meet with Instruments, Music and Bag for the Day

8:45am Depart for Epic Waters, Grand Praire

9:30am Performance

Noon Lunch

1:45pm Depart

2:30pm Arrive at Parkwood Hill

Big picture

December 17- Winter Concert

Location: Northwood Church

1870 Rufe Snow Drive, Keller

6th Grade Students Wear Dress Clothes- Formal Concert

No Tennis Shoes or Jeans


6:00pm 6th Grade Students on Stage with Instruments, cases leave in car

6:00pm 7th/8th Grade Students Report by Band Class in the Lobby, leave cases in car

6:00pm Parents sit in Auditorium quietly to respect the 6th grade students getting set up and organized.

6:25pm 7th and 8th Grade students sit in Auditorium by Band

6:30pm Performance begins

7:30pm Estimated End of Performance

Performance Etiquette:

Students will be graded on their professionalism and performance etiquette.

Students and Parents are expected to:

-Not be on phones during performance

-Be quiet and respectful during performance

-Enter auditorium only between pieces and not when a band is performing

-Take children out of performance hall if they are crying or being disruptive

Band Grades, Level Up Challenge and Reminders

2nd Grading Period Info

October 15- December 19

What will my child be graded on in Band this Grading Period?

Level Up Challenge

What is it?

Students move at their own pace to pass off lines from the book.

The lines get progressively more difficult.


It gives a challenge for students that are able to move faster than the pace of the class. It motivates students to move ahead and practice more.


Students who pass level one will get their picture hung up in the band hall. Each level passed the student will receive a sticker by their picture to indicate another level passed.

How to submit?

On Google Classroom there is a classwork assignment named "Level Up Challenge". There is no due date listed so students can move at their own pace.

Level Up Challenge assignments have been passed out to students. You can find an additional copy at our website:

"After School Band"

We invited all students to attend "After School Band" everyday after school from 3-3:30pm.

It's a chance to let students have band everyday!

At School Practice Info!

All students are welcome to Practice at the Parkwood Hill Band Hall before or After School.

Doors open at Parkwood at 6:50am and Band Hall closes at 5:15pm daily.

Private Lessons Information

Students who take weekly private lessons have an advantage because they receive individual instruction by a professional musician! We want every student to sign up!

Lesson Cost: $20-22 per lesson

Scholarship Available:

Sign Up Here -

Band Directors

Jessica Maus, Head Band Director

Zach Woolhouse, Band Director

Ana Castellani, Band Director

Matt Stephens, Percussion Director