Let's make a perfect world

By: Celina nuth


  • 1 world
  • 10,000kg of Respect
  • 100,000g of peace
  • An endless supply of food/water
  • 15 million cups of Freedom


  1. Add 1 Whole World and 7 billion people together.
  2. Mix in 10,000 grams of respect so other people can appreciate each other.
  3. Sprinkle an endless supply of food/water to get rid of hunger.
  4. Add 10,000kg of peace to help people feel safe.
  5. Gently spread freedom onto the world so everyone can think,act,feel and do what they wish
  6. Gently stir for 30 minuets so we can all have a perfect world

Quotes to make a perfect world

Let's see how it would look like at the end

A happy and a perfect world

This is a perfect and a happy world


We are happy when our Family are with us.