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Welcome from LSC Chancellor, Stephen C. Head, Ph.D.


Welcome to the Lone Star College International Education Biennial. We hope this conference will encourage conversations about the benefits of international education and scholarly exchanges worldwide. LSC has long received national recognition for its outreach programs while attracting, retaining and inspiring students from across the globe, and we welcome your contribution to this discussion that we believe will help prepare our community for the future.

Again, welcome and enjoy the Biennial!


Stephen C. Head, Ph.D.

Chancellor, Lone Star College

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Conference Headliner and Afternoon Keynote Address

Dr. Joseph Shaules

Joseph Shaules (PhD) is a Specially Appointed Professor at Keio University, Tokyo, and the director of the Japan Intercultural Institute. His research and publications focus on cross-cultural adaptation, intercultural education, culture and cognition, the psychology of intercultural experiences, and linguacultural learning.

Morning Keynote Address

Claudia Kolker

Claudia Kolker, author of LSC One-Book-Read, “The Immigrant Advantage” is an award-winning journalist who has reported from Mexico, El Salvador, the Caribbean, Japan and India.

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