By: Megan Goyal, Julia Carroll

What did you learn from the immigrant stories presented? What were the major similarities and differences?

We learned from the immigrant stories that some people are for immigration and some are against immigration. Each person has their own stories and ideas to go along with it. They people who are okay with immigration are the people who work with immigrants or who are immigrants. Wendy Warren is okay with it because she teaches immigrant students and Lazaro Garcia is an immigrant. The people who are not okay with immigration are Daniel a Hickey and Elosia Tamez.

What are some of the reasons people decide to leave their country of origin?

Some of the reason people leave their own countries are for a better environment. People leave to a cleaner area and leave a polluted area. Also they leave if there is war, famine or disease. They move if there are better jobs and for money. Also for political and economic reasons.

What are the different challenges one might experience coming to the United States as a child, teenager, and young adult? Is there an age at which it might be easier or more difficult to make such a life change?

For the children it is challenge to get used to a new area. Espically if their whole family is not with them. For teenagers it's hard for them to fit in with other people like if they have an accent or a certain clothing style. For adults it's hard to adjust to a new place and look for a job. Also of they are in Amercia illegally they have the constant fear of being deported. Personally we think there is no age that would make it easier on a person. After you live in a new place you adjust. Also we think that all ages it would still be very difficult.

How does immigration affect family structures? In what ways are families reunited and separated?

Immigration affects family structure in one main way. That is separation. In immigration stories either the kids come to a different country for a better education and life or the parents go to another country for more money for their family. Examples of separation for money is Undocumented Immigrant X. He came to America illegally to work and get more money to send to his family back in Mexico.

What are the greatest challenges for newly arrived immigrants? What are the surprises they face as they get to know their new surroundings?

The greatest challenge for newly arrived immigrants is finding a job because without money you can't buy anything like a place to live. Also learning all the rules to the new country. Also finding ways to commute, buying a car or using buses. The surprises they face are how the houses look. Also which side we drive in the rode.