War of 1812

Amanda Higgin

Compared perspectives on the war

The war was referred to american as victorious.The British had no interest in fighting in this war in the beginning.But the orders suspended in June.This information is about the British war and have it began after a huge disagreement throw others.But whats important about the Americans too was that they we fighting against the British for their independence in the second war.There was many disagreements in between the two groups and how they would function the right way also they were many people who served In this war just to keep the British and Americans.

How the war began

The second war was gained for our independence.By our independence i mean the Americans .War with Americans were direct consequences of the Napoleonic conflict.The royal navy was the army we fought against.The orders were suspended in June.
During this time period there were many disagreements between the two groups.This like that loyalists and the patriots.The loyalists were loyal to their people and soldiers.But the patios were not as loyal but they did take part in war for their people.
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