By Jacob Tolbert,Hunter Gibble,and Caleb Larsen

J. Edgar Hoover and JFK

It's no surprise that JFK and Hoover were enemies,even though Hoover and Joe Kennedy(JFK's dad) were friends.Also considering their backgrounds and what they stood for it is no surprise that they hated each other,and that is hardly a credible reason for murder.Hoover was almost at the mandatory retirement age and Kennedy would probably force him out of office.

J.Edgar Hoover

Hoover was the director of the FBI from 1924-1972.Harry Truman,John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson considered firing him from office, but it was believed he had sensitive information about each of these leaders.Also he would have to leave office in 1965 because the mandatory retirement is at age 70.

JFK on Hoover

When JFK was elected,his relationship with him became increasingly childish and passive/aggressive as the years wore on.JFK would often wait until he knew Hoover might be napping and burst into Hoover's office unannounced without consulting his secretary.Hoover would then look at files that supposedly liked JFK to crime across the country.

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