The War

The War Between Athens And Sparta(Peloponnesian War) was an important event in Greece. It was Sparta and the Peloponnesian League versus Athens and the Delian League. The Peloponnesian War was a war that greatly changed Ancient Greece, and not for the better. It took place from 431 B.C. to 404 B.C. It took place mainly in Mainland Greece, but also took place in Asia Minor. The main reason this war occurred was Sparta and the other Greek city-states jealousy, but another reason was Athens didn't share its wealth. The war started by Athens braking the 'Thirty Years Peace' treaty with Greece.

There are also many interesting things about this war. One of which is that there about 9 main leaders that led during this war. Another piece of interesting info is that there were about 26 battles throughout the entire war. Many historians believe that the Peloponnesian War had 3 'phases'. The Peloponnesian War was a very important and interesting event that occurred in Ancient Greece.