Presidential Biographies

presidential biography

The name of my president is Martin Van Buren, he was born in the year 1782 and he died in the year 1862, he spoke dutch when he was smaller and received a basic education in a poorly lid school house.

He married a lady named Hanna Hoes who was also his childhood sweetheart, the couple had five sons and one daughter, he did not go to college or receive any college education, his education ended at 14years old.

Before his presidency he was the eighth Vice President and the tenth Secretary of state both under Andrew Jackson.

Martin Van Buren was elected president in the year 1837, his term as president ended in the year 1841, his vice president during his term was Richard Mentor Johnson, his political party was free soil Democrat.

During Martin Van Buren’s presidency there was a pandemic called The Panic Of 1837,