there are 3 amusement parks

they are called park Caribbean,bathtubs Macifibra and castilla arce juan carlos the best is castilla arce juan carlos and it's located 30 minutes away from the center of the city

there are 3 sights

they are called simon bolivar statue, francisco de paula santander statue and cristobal colon the best is cristobal colon statue and it's 40 minutes away from the center of the city

there are 2 rive's

they are called rive magdalena,rive bocas de ceniza the best is rive magdalena and it's 50 minutes away the center of the city

Puerta Del Sol hotel

To arrive there, we have to go to the romelio martinez stadium, them go stright by street 74 and next turn right and there is the hotel

How many and How much

How many ping pong tables are there?
There is 5 ping pong tables in the lobby of the hotel

How many pools are there?
There is 2 swimming pools, one to adult people and the other one to the kids

How many apartments are there?
The are 500 apartments to the people in the hotel

How much a room?
The cost of a room is 25.000 pesos per week

How much is the room service?
The cost of the room service is 15.000 pesos per service

How much is the lunch in the restaurant of the hotel?
The cost is 12.000 pesos

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important people

Elsa Noguera is the mayor of this city, is the person who the people elected and is the head of the politics thigs.



carnival barranquilla: this is a celebration when people drink beer and dance it's held on February the 9th.

independence: this is a celebration when people gather together, ,drink beer and dance it's held on November the 11th

mother's day: this is a celebration when people drink beer and dance it's held on may the 10th.

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masamorra: this is a food which is elaborated with corn and milk

granizado: this is a drink refreshing which is prepare with ice and fruit juice

manillas: this is a craft product which is desing with thread's


¿How much is a trip to the city?
The cost of the trip is 20.000 per person

¿How much is the lunch there in a classic restaurant?
The cost of the lunch is 18.000 but depend the restaurant

¿How much is the cinema tickect

Depend of the movie... but maybe is 14000 per person

¿how much a dvd player in a mall in this city?

If is blu-ray is 250.000 if is normal 100.000