Number The Stars

Lois Lowry


It was in 1943, during the German Occupation of DEnmark during World War II, and was taken place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The season in the story was in Autumn (October). It was a hard time when this was happening because if you had a friend that was jewish they would probally be killed. Copenhagen was a pretty small town their weren't many stores their and the war were cutting off most of the supplies so that made most of the stores shut down.


Annemarie, Kirsti, and Ellen live in Copenhagen,Denmark during WW II and Ellen is Jewish and in WW II there are Nazis and back then Nazis kiled the Jewish... So on the jewish new year Ellen's parents are jewish and they had Ellen stay the night with Annemarie so they could be safe and later they would rejoin and sail to a different island till the war is done.



Historical Event

The World War II event is where there were Nazis and Hitler gave the order to kill all the Jewish people. The war started in 1939 and ended in 1945. There were about 100 million troops fighting in World War II.


I liked this book... It wasn't my favorite but it was still good