Causes of the American Revolution

We are coming for you Britian!!!

Web cite questions

  • When did the Americans win their independence?
  • When would the fighting formally end?
  • How many chests of tea did they dump into the harbor?
This cartoon is a joke on the midnight ride of Paul Revere in modern times. instead of Paul riding on a horse through the town he sent out a text that had a bunch of spelling mistakes.
American Revolution: in Two Minutes

Video questions

  • What was the Boston massacre?
  • What was the Boston tea party?
  • What was the Midnight ride of Paul Revere?
The battle of Lexington and Concord was the first time that the colonists used firearms to fight against the British. They hid their weapons from the British. They threw snowballs and shot at them. That was the turning point for the colonists they realized that they needed independence.