The Weekly Wrap-Up

REACH High School

March 27 - 31 (29th Edition)

A Message from Mr. Licciardi

Dear REACH Community,

Ready or not, April here we come. In anticipation of Easter, REACH High School will continue its annual tradition in partnership with Joy James. I look forward to sharing pictures with you in next week's edition.

Attendance truly matters on so many levels. Our message at REACH has been consistent since forever but I feel it is essential that I share it again as some students are close to having a TPM (Truancy Prevention Measure) filed leading to a required court appearance and possible fines. In addition, lack of seat time due to attendance will not grant you credit even if you have received a passing grade. You will need to take the class over again. I urge you to make it a point to attend school regularly. For some, it will prevent you from walking the stage in May.

News to note!

  1. Due to weather days in late January into early February, the school year has been extended through to Wednesday, May 31. This means that we will be engaging in year-end instructional and fun activities on those added days. More to come on that! See the updated calendar below.
  2. Check out the 2023-2024 school calendar by clicking here or scrolling down.
  3. TFAR (Texas Formative Assessment Resource) "at bats" coming next week in Math and Science.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Pascal Licciardi

Principal | REACH High School

Castleberry ISD

Calendar Information

Senior Prom--April 29 and Other Events

I decided to have this message appear twice in this edition. The deadline to purchase prom tickets is approaching. The cost of the ticket is $75. If you purchase two tickets the cost is $140. Please email Ms. Allday soon!

Other Events

  • Senior Breakfast at CHS on May 19 at 8am
  • Senior Clap Out on May 19 beginning at 9:30am

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Student Shout-Outs

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Staff Shout-Outs

REACH Team the work you do each day does not go noticed. I ask that you stay strong for our students as we approach the testing season and graduation.

Substitute Teachers--Mr. Brewer, Ms. Ballard, and Mrs. Brewer-- Thanks for your service this week to our school building.

Assistant Principal Week Shouts Out Mr. Miller

I would like to offer a special shout-out to my wingman, Mr. Miller. His consistency, professionalism, and sheer willingness to do whatever needs to get done to make things work for students, families, and the ALC Team deserves recognition. His efforts do not go unnoticed for a second.

I ask that you kindly share support and grateful word for Mr. Miller by clicking here.


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Re-Check on Expectations

We had an opportunity to revisit expectations regarding the following keep items. I thank the students for their willingness to cooperate and follow these expectations and also the team that helps see them through. To families: thanks for your role to reinforce the items below

  • Arrival Time--8am
  • Cell Phone Use--ONLY during non-instructional time
  • Attendance--Essential to learning and will lead to immediate attendance make-up dates with accrued absences
  • Commons--Open for use prior to period one and for special events. Breakfast and Lunch periods are to be housed only in our cafeteria.
  • Bathroom Policy--One student at a time.
  • Door Access--Under no circumstances are students to open any interior or exterior doors for a classmate or adult, including a CISD employee.

Our Bulletin Board at the Administration Building

Over the course of the year, we will be adding various work products that help encapsulate the impactful work we do at REACH High School. We are so glad to share our journey with you through our bulletin board.

Before. . . .

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After (Phase 2 of 4). . .

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Seeing Our Norms Come to Life

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Castleberry ISD Education Foundation

Please be encouraged to support our students through the district's education foundation. Click here to visit the site for more information.

Student and Family Info Hub

Spring Event

Student Senior Events

Grads to Work

Bullying Prevention Is A Priority at CISD!

Senate Bill 179, David's Law, amends the Education Code to revise provisions relating to school district bullying prevention policies and procedures to provide protections against cyberbullying.

Castleberry ISD, in accordance with these laws, is providing an anonymous online form to report bullying.

You can also download the Quick Tip app on the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded and opened the app use the location code "CastleberryISD" to access our district's form. Use the links provided below or search for "School Messenger Quick Tip" to find the app. Click here for more information.

Give a Tip to Crime Stoppers

Tarrant County Crime Stoppers allows for concerned citizens who witness a crime or suspicious behavior to reach out to law enforcement without fear of retaliation or having to appear in court. Crime Stoppers is set up to be completely anonymous and confidential.

To contact Crime Stoppers over the phone you can call locally at 817-469-8477 or toll-free at 877-469-8477. You can also download the P3 Tips mobile app or submit a tip online on the Crime Stoppers website. For more information on our district website click here.

FAFSA ID Presentation Below.

Feel free to click below to access the presentaton.

Attendance is essential!

MAP Testing

What? Why? When?

REACH High School is participating in a Measures of Academic Progress Test. We will be using results from the test over the course of the year to help track student progress so that teachers are positioned to tailor their instruction to meet the needs of all learners. In addition, the test results will be neatly packaged into reports for students and families equipping them with meaningful performance information.

The next cycle of testing will be in May.

MAP Growth Family Toolkit Video

Health and Safety

COVID Protocols for Students

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Monkey Pox Guidance and Important Information

Please visit or call Tarrant County Health by clicking here or calling 817-248-6299, Option 4. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email Mr. Licciardi.
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Traffic Routes Update

Please refer to this information as you plan your approach to our campus.
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School Calendar for the 2022-23 School Year

Updated Calendar!

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