Earthquake Terror

by Peg Kehret

by: Darius Booze


If you like scary and interesting books, then Earthquake Terror is the right book for you. The author is Peg Kehret. Peg Kehret lives in the woods near Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state. Peg has wrote other books including. Abduction, Cages, Danger At The Fair. I would describe Peg's book as realistic fiction.

summary of the book.

The main characters in Earthquake Terror is Abby, Jonathan and Dad. The other characters are mom and Moose[a golden retriever]. The book took place on Magpie Island. The day was on a Tuesday. One day the Palmers took a day to fave fun. But, the mom breaks her ankle and can't walk. Jonathan and Abby are alone. Then a big earthquake hits them. The dad goes to see if Jonathan and Abby are okay.


I really liked this book because it was very emotional to me. And the book gave really good details. And it was really mysterious, and the family had a good time. I wouldn't change a thing out of this book because it has good characters, amazing ending and alot of description.


I have a text to world connection. This book reminded me of any earthquake because trees and propetie were crashing down.


I would recommend this book to anyone but kindergarden because this book has good description, amazing humor and good details about the characters.