Academy of St. Benedict the African

September 18, 2022

Academy of St Benedict the African - September 18, 2022

Week of September 18, 2022

Good morning,

The video at the top of the update contains highlights from this bulletin.

Parent-Teacher conferences were an excellent time for families to connect to their child/ren's teachers and discuss the start of the year. Attendance was robust and we know that parental involvement is key to student success. If you weren't able to make it, please schedule a conference with your child/ren's teacher. Children who attended our childcare option on Friday had a great day. They had time to do their work, socialize with their peers, enjoy some ice cream, and play outside.

On Monday, we will be having our first all-school morning assembly. We will celebrate some successes and engage in a mindful Monday activity. We continually work to build community as We are Better Together!

Our junior high students are traveling to Daley Plaza on Monday to join Peace Day. This is a celebration of unity and diversity in our city and world. The experience will be an uplifting and energizing celebration in conjunction with the worldwide observance of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Thursday is a Kind Shirt day. Please wear kind shirts with the correct uniform bottoms and gym shoes. The shirt is an outward reminder of our inward commitment to being kind. Grades 4-8 will also have a liturgy on Thursday.

This Friday is a professional learning/development day for our teachers. There is no school for children. We will have childcare from 6:30 AM - 5:15 PM as we know parents must work. Complete this form:

It's really a nice day for the children. The children do not need to be in uniform. They do need to be wearing school-appropriate clothes and gym shoes. They may bring their lunch and an afternoon snack. There is no charge for this service.

This Friday and Saturday, Verde, through a grant secured through ComEd, will be changing all of the light fixtures in our school to energy-efficient LED lights, offering much better lighting for the school. Additionally, the LED lights will help us lower our costs.

As a reminder, please keep sick children home. We have a shared responsibility to keep the school healthy. If your child has cold or allergy symptoms, please administer a home COVID test before sending the child to school - the symptoms of a cold/allergies are very similar to COVID. We do have a vaccine event on 10/3. Parents do not have to be present for children to participate. We have consent forms. COVID, flu, and all childhood vaccines are available.

Our Flag Football Team won their first game on Saturday, defeating St. Sabina. This coming week, the team plays at 9 AM. Come cheer them on - all games are at Leo High School on 79th.

Mrs. Thornton's first grade has at least one parent/guardian for each child connected to her Bloomz page. They are the winners of a pizza lunch, which will happen this Thursday! Great job getting connected!

⭐Do you have about 30 minutes in the morning from 7:45-8:15? You can earn a PAW for helping with noting scholars who have arrived late while monitoring the front entrance. Five days of helping is a PAW. Volunteers must be in full compliance to assist.⭐

🍿Our Double Good Popcorn Sale starts on September 30th at 8 AM and runs for just 4 days. Download the Double Good Popcorn app and use EZVTSP as the code. We are raising funds for new library books. 🍿

Please continue to be courteous at drop-off and pick-up. A few extra minutes won't hurt, and our children's safety is at stake.

All scholars enter the school at door 1. For extended day families, pick up is from door 2 after 3:30.

As your family gathers together after school or in the car on the way home, ask your child/ren how they were kind at school. What did it look like? As we work to cultivate a kind culture, it's essential that the children and adults say what kindness looks like beyond being "nice."

Let's make this a great week of learning!


Mrs. Farrand

773-776-3316 enter 101 at the voicemail message if needed.

Third Graders are Active Participants in Their Learning

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Outside Food, Lunches, and Cupcakes!

Our school is fortunate to be part of the Federal Free Lunch and Breakfast program. We respectfully ask that unless your child has a dietary condition, religious exemption, or other medical reason (and has met with me), they have the school lunch daily.

Many of our children have allergies and dietary conditions, and keeping all children safe is our priority. We do not want children sharing food. Please send nut-free healthy lunches for those who are approved.

All children who attend after school may bring a healthy snack.

For birthdays: Individually packaged healthier treats such as pretzels, goldfish, Rice Krispie Snack, cereal bars, and the like are allowed. We must see the ingredients.

Thanks for your help with this!

Productive Play in Preschool

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Bloomz and the School App

All classes have been set up! Use the code below if you haven't joined your child/ren's class. Once an entire class is connected, they'll have a pizza party!

Also, if your child goes to extended day, join that group.

Additionally, please download the school app. This app is the hub for all school information!

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The full uniform policy is listed on our website and in our family handbook. It is mandatory and part of being at St. Benedict the African. Please help us build our community by having your child/ren wear the proper clothing daily.

While the full navy blue dresses that some girls have been wearing are adorable, they are not part of the uniform and should be saved for a dress-down day.

All K-8 scholars must wear gym shoes every day. Each must have the school polo with the logo or name of the school embroidered. Plain polos and button-up shirts are not part of our uniform.

On gym days, the children wear a gym uniform. There are two versions of the gym uniform - see below. The gym uniform must be purchased at Martinellis 3517 W. 95th, Evergreen Park.

The school has the polo ($15) and the school hoodie ($20 cash/$23 card). We have a limited supply of extra Kind shirts available for $5. Cash only, please, for those shirts. Please label all hoodies and sweatshirts.

Also, the children will be asked to remove their jewelry if wearing any. It's a distraction, against our dress code, and creates safety concerns. All boys should remove their earrings before coming to school. Our dress code as it relates to jewelry and nail polish aligns with all other Catholic Schools in our council.


An image of the calendar is here. There is also an option to download the pdf.

The calendar is always accessible on our website and our mobile app.

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2022-2023 School Calendar


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Tuition Payments & Action for Children

Each family has an account in FACTS to monitor their tuition account. Payments for most are due on the 17th of the month. A few of our families have different due dates to accommodate pay periods. As a reminder, late fees are automatically assessed on the 4th day after the due date.

Currently, there are families attending afterschool care without a plan for its cost. This week, we will be making calls to either help with AFC, determine a flat rate, or add per diem charges to the account. Our business office will assist all families with their Action for Children paperwork, be it an initial application or a redetermination. AFC can cover costs for our 3, 4, and 5-year-olds and before and aftercare for our 6 - 13 year-olds.

It's essential that payments are made as scheduled so that the school can meet its obligations.

Please reach out to me or Ms. Fernandez, our business manager, if you have concerns.

Academy of St. Benedict is Playing Flag Football

Our roster is set! Come cheer our team on - bring a chair. All games at Leo High School.
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School & Office Hours

Morning Care: 6:15 AM - 7:15 AM

Arrival for breakfast 7:15 AM - 7:35 AM

Classes Begin: 7:45 AM (Children not in their seats at 7:45 are marked tardy)

School Ends at 2:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 2:00 PM on Wednesdays

Extended Day: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM - to reach extended day, call the school and enter 107 at the recording.

Office Hours - Every Day - 6:30 - 3:30 and by appointment

Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

Our Fundraiser will run from September 30 at 8 AM - October 4th at 8 AM. Go to - download the app. The group code to set up your store is EZVTSP.

Once you set up your store, send the link to your family and friends and share it on social media. 50% of what you sell goes toward your fundraising obligation and account.


  • September 17th - Englewood Music Fest - come see our table! 12pm - 7pm

  • September 19th - Peace Day Chicago- Details to follow (Junior High)

  • September 21st and 28th - High School Visit Days for Grades 6-8.

  • September 23rd - Kind Shirt Day

  • September 30 - October 4th - Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser. Use code EZVTSP

  • October 3rd - Vaccine Bus - All vaccines are available for children, their families, our staff, and community. 10AM - 2PM

  • October 4th - Kind Shirt Day

  • October 6th - 7th Annual Prayer Walk for Peace 9 AM

  • October 10th - No School

  • October 17th - Kind Shirt Day

  • October 19th - Chipotle Fundraiser 4pm - 7pm - 63rd and Halstead

  • October 25th - Picture Day

  • October 28th - Carnival - Details to follow