Cyberbullying and peer pressure

By: Kayla Fromm

Ronan Hughes

A Nigerian gang of ruthless kids blackmailed a 17 year old kid to the point he killed himself. The gang fooled the boy to send intimate pictures of himself thinking they were girl, since they had sent pictures of a girl. Ronan Hughes killed himself just a little after the boys threaten to expose his pictures on instagram.The superintendent of the school Mr.Baird stated " "We all deserve to be able to use the internet to learn, explore and connect with each other. But all of us need to be aware of the risks involved in doing so, especially on social media."

Peer pressure

Peer pressure happens a lot in cyber bullying. One example is with Ronan Hughes when the gang "peer pressured" him to send the picture, and then peer pressured him for money. The statistics for peer pressure are pretty high , out of 100 Japanese students that did a study 4%-25% of youth are victimts.
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