The Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Frank

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Hope is to have faith in a person or people.

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "hope gives you faith in a person or people" is shown. They had to have hope that the allies would sweep through and save all of them. "Mr. Frank the invasion, the invasion, it has begun. The British, Americans, and French finally started to invade the Nazis," said Miep. Even when the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel were in the consentration camps, they still had hope that they would be saved.

Hate is dislike towards someone who agrivates you.

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "hate is to dislike other people who agrivate you" is shown. They hated each other (mainly because they were sick of being crammed) but they hated the Nazis even more. Mr. Daan sold Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat and she did not like that, but they needed the money. Mr. Van Daan about had it with the cat. "Haven't you finished feeding that cat already," said Mr. Van Daan. This was becuase he was frustrated in the crammed annex.

I chose Mr. Frank and here is why...

I picked Mr. Frank and the object I pick to represent him is a fish on a fishing pole. Even though he was caught by the Nazis the was still fighting. A fish is caught by the line and trying to escape for his life. Mr. Frank, luckily survived the holacaust. If the fish is able to slip offf the line then he is saved.
Otto Frank talks about Annes diary