Great wide open at Golden Homes III

Golden Homes III

Break free in to the great wide open at Golden Homes III

A rather strange feeling had come over me recently. I had begun to feel a bit more cramped in my own home, and was quick to notice that this weirdly coincided with the time that my wife and I welcomed a little bundle of joy into our abode. Anyway, who ever knew that the little fellow could eat into so much of our flat?

My wife who had previously advocated that we get a bigger place said “I told you so” when I broached the subject, and charged me with looking for a larger place. “Oh well”, thought I, and entered into the dark and dare I say, dank world of the property forums in search of properties in Bangalore that would suit our needs. It was then that I came across Golden Homes III!

I went on to research these villas in Sarjapur Road, half expecting it to be the ‘same old same old’. However, to my utter surprise, this property was the real deal! It had comfortable and luxurious living spaces with some really elegant designs and elevations, and I could scarcely take my eyes off it! While really taken in by the stupendous living areas, I was also happy that this property was from one of the top builders in Bangalore called Golden Gate Properties Limited. This assured me of the quality of the overall development.

That aside, I was really drawn to the 17 acre expanse that this property provided! The vast premises at the development had more than enough space to suitably contain serene and green gardens and parks which were gloriously adorned with vibrant flowering plants and fruit trees. What’s more, the tranquil property also offered a splendid butterfly park, a bird bath as well as natural water bodies and ponds. I could now picture my wife and the little one taking uninterrupted strolls in the beautifully textured and landscaped environs. Quite refreshing indeed! But hang on, these villas on Sarjapur Road also had a selection of awesome amenities that included, a coffee shop, home theatre facilities, a wide range of sports and fitness facilities, a shopping centre, a swimming pool and much more.

Needing no more convincing, we booked a 3 BHK here the very next week and really looked forward to breaking free at Golden Homes III! Now you can break free at this superb property too, go to for more details.