Cuneiform and Hieroglphics

By: Aalia Aliwa

Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform-The basics

Hieroglyphics were used by the Ancient Egyptians.Hieroglyphics were thought to be made by the Egyptian god of writing,Thoth.The word hieroglyphics comes from the Greek words hieros(sacred) and glypho (inscriptions).Hieroglyphics were important because they tell stories and events.Hieroglyphics were written on papyrus and painted on walls.Only scribes and rich men knew how to read and write the hieroglyphic writing.

Cuneiform was one of the earliest known form of writing.It was used by the Mesopotamians. Cuneiform was written on clay tablets and were strange looking symbols made of lines. Cuneiform was written by scribes. Cuneiform was used to keep record of documents and events.

Similarities and Differences of Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics